About us

Supporting children with disabilities or living in underserved communities in Lithuania.

About us


Sunlight Children's Aid is a U.S.A. based non-profit organization dedicated to the support of children in Lithuania who are struggling with disabilities or living in underserved communities.


Sunlight Children's Aid (originally named Sunlight Orphan Aid for Lithuania, or "Saulute") was founded in 1993 by Chicagoan Indre Tijunelis (1934-2022) in response to the orphanage system abandoned by the collapse of the Soviet Union. Our goal was to help these orphaned children who were lacking clothing, funding and support. With time, our focus widened to to help any child in need. Through the assistance of Lithuanian Children's Fund (Lietuvos vaikų fondas) and regional social workers, we began our Sponsor a Child Program allowing benefactors to direct their donations to specific children.

Maintaining the goal of providing financial support, some of our volunteers have travelled to Lithuania paying their own expenses. We meet with contacts within Lithuania, and each trip provides more insight to the needs at hand. Donations have been collected to provide motorized wheelchairs, send specific medical equipment, provide a rural town with a mini school bus so that children could be safely transported to school, provided computers for a rural classroom, and sent over 20,000 boxes of gently used clothing. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sunlight Orphan Aid purchased 71 computers within the first 2 months of the pandemic for financially challenged students in Lithuania.

Sunlight Children's Aid continues to work closely with regional social workers and local children's advocates in Lithuania to identify areas that need more support. We continue to maintain our Sponsor a Child Program, respond to specific donor requests, and a different annual project each year.

Sunlight Children's Aid is a section 501(c)3 non-profit organization.