FUN in Fundraising

Road Rally/Scavenger Hunt benefitting Special Education Classroom in Mosedis, Lithuania

FUN in Fundraising

“Saulutes” Fabulous Party was held on June 12, 2021 to raise funds for a Special Education classroom in Mosedis, Lithuania. Daiva and Paulius Majauskas generously hosted the party at their home and provided an exquisite dinner and competed in a Road Rally/Scavenger Hunt. Participants enjoyed completing various tasks, and spent a beautiful summer evening with old friends and making new ones as well. A generous donor volunteered to match any donations collected until midnight. With this donor’s assistance, we were able to meet our fundraising goal! The evening was a success!

That evening we announce a new name for not for profit Sunlight Orphan Aid for Lithuania, commonly referred to as “Saulute”. While continuing our original mission of helping children in need in Lithuania, we are now going to be doing business as a not for profit using the name Sunlight Children’s Aid, “Saulute”. When originally established our organization was supporting many children in orphanages through-out Lithuania left behind by the collapse of the Soviet Union. Currently, children are placed into temporary housing and foster care. “Saulute” has always supported children with disabilities, foster families, single parents and dire situations. The name Sunlight Children’s Aid will better reflect the organization’s current focus.

Along with the new name a new website has been created**. In Kaunas Lithuania, Gediminas Stanaitis and Justina Ramanauskaite created our beautiful new website** It is maintained by Mary Kriauciunas. Please visit our website to see what other fun events we are planning for the fall and winter seasons.

As always we continue to promote our Sponsor a Child program, where for as little $33.34 a month a sponsor can not only financially support a child in Lithuania, but also emotionally, by letting them know someone cares. The program is run in conjunction with the Lithuanian Children’s Fund in Vilnius, Lithuania. As Joana Daunyte, a harpist at the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, a previous recipient of the Sponsor A Child Program has written, “Sunlight Children’s Aid financial support is a great example of how to share and invest in the development and growth of children in Lithuania, and the importance of networking and realized dreams by feeling financial support.” For more information regarding the program or to become a sponsor, please contact Daiva Kisielius,

With the help of Arturas Zilys, our representative in Lithuania, we will be selecting other rural schools that have special education trained teachers, yet lack the funding to provide adequate teaching materials and equipment. General donations will be used to for this purpose as well as dire circumstances that are presented to our organization for support requests.

Thank you for all your support! As Oscar Wilde stated “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

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